So, what is it?

Internet of Things, now.

Develop IoT solutions as quickly as you can think them up.

Devices take minutes to setup using the browser based visual programming tool and can then be deployed over the air.

Use our system for rapid prototyping, hobby projects, business solutions or just about anything else.

Hardware, firmware, software.

The Wifithing device has WiFi, ISM and 20 I/O pins capable of handling any IoT application, and controlling up to eight slave devices.

Our firmware can be flashed onto several boards apart from our own, currently TI and Redbear, with porting underway for compatibility with the ESP family.

The web-app software offers everything needed to program, control, log and diagnose devices anywhere in the world.

What you can do.
Store and analyse data.
Control via timers and events.
Set notifications and alerts.
Switch any relay.
Use sliders for precise output.
Update devices over the air.
Visual programming, so no coding.
Global or local control.
Smarthome ready!
What we've got planned.
Since cancelling our Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of 2016, the Wifithing team has gone back and reworked not only our codebase and system, but also our goals.
We now plan on incorporating third party devices, we've ported the code to other boards and have others in the pipeline. Our web-app has been improved and simplified, and new features introduced.
Over the past few months we have developed a Visual Programming system for devices. Wifithing is now truly code free. Telling your IoT device what to do is now as simple as dragging a function into place and clicking deploy.

Planned for the near future (Q3 2016):

  • Release ports of firmware.
  • Soft launch with beta phase of improved web-app.
  • Complete RESTful API.

Planned for the slightly further future (Q4 2016):

  • Release ports of firmware on ESP devices.
  • IFTTT integration.
  • Local web server software, making Wifithing not reliant on the cloud.
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