WiFithing to focus on industrial partners.

WiFithing are very grateful for the support that we've had on Kickstarter, achieving 80% of our target with 3 days left to run. However WiFithing are now in advanced discussions with a number of OEM/industrial partners, and we have decided that it would be better to focus on those opportunities for the time being. We have therefore cancelled the Kickstarter campaign.

We still plan to have devices available to those who have pledged at the pledge price as soon as possible. If you wish to register your interest in purchasing devices when they are available, please click here.

We still wish to follow all of the goals set out in our Kickstarter campaign, in particular, remaining open source and supporting the Energia developer community with a rapid development platform, as well as providing simple set up solutions for homeowners.


Code Free IoT

WiFithing is a new, opensource platform ready to be used by you.

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What is WiFithing?

WiFithing is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed with simplicity of use and powerful functionality in mind.  Through using our hardware and software you can easily setup a multitude of applications within the home, a commercial setting or elsewhere without writing any code. 

The WiFithing platform is a complete solution ready for use out of the box, and also for more complex development. We use the latest chips and the WiFithing board is a great bit of kit on its own, but combined with our firmware and the webapp, it's very powerful and a truly unique platform.  WiFithing devices connect directly with our webapp offering over-the-air settings and firmware updates. The WiFithing solution is unique as it offers ready to use controls from switches to timers, sliders and gauges. Set up in minutes a switch that can be controlled accross the world! Or a system to read your oil  level on your phone wherever your are.

The solution to any problem.

The Internet of Things idea suggests every object or device we currently use will eventually become a connected, smart device. Hobbyists and some manufacturers area already developing devices  capable of remote monitoring and control. WiFithing brings this future under one device, with a simple setup system that will enable you to make your dream of a smart home a reality, in very little time,  at a much lower cost than if you were to combine other devices currently on the market.

Opensource code means that if you have a particular application in mind, or a specific need, our devices can easily be adapted to your requirements. We also offer an API which allows for  custom apps, software or websites to be built to your specific functionality.

Powerful Yet Simple To Use

  • Setup and control a multitude of different peripherals and devices without writing any code.
  • Sophisticated one click publish system that automatically verifys changes to device files and settings before pushing to update.
  • Easily keep your entire IoT system updated with firmware downloads over-the-air and automatic slave firmware queuing, so your devices run the latest code even if they're offline at the time you update.

WiFithing Devices

Code Free

Complex IoT applications can be set up using straightforward web based configuration forms.

Easily setup logging, alerts and inter device communication through the website application with immediate response from devices.

Open Source

The code for our devices is free and open source. Enthusiasts and business users can modify it as they wish.

If you wish to build your own web or desktop applications, we provide a full API with example code.

Complete Platform

WifiThing is a low cost open-source hardware and software platform that enables anyone to create IoT devices out of the box.

It can be extended further by adding to our code or thinking up applications that connect to our slave chip.

Web App Control

All our devices are controlled through a web browser on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Control various devices from one place, even if they are physically located accross the world.

Who is it for?

Anyone. From simple things setup in minutes such as controlling smart plugs, to complex ideas made reality for the next makers fair.

Commercial applications can save both time and money, maximising monitoring power and efficiency.

What can it do?

Monitor and log sensors (heat, light, humidity, fuel usage).

Control devices from your smartphone (lights, heating, access control).

Logging, alerts and interdevice communication.